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What's a cryptocurrency you respect but would never own?

What's a cryptocurrency you respect but would never own?

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There's a number of cryptocurrencies out there that I respect and I enjoy to follow, although I don't own any since I either don't see the economic future of the coin or follow the project closely enough for me to justify buying some.

For instance, both Golem (GNT) and MakerDAO (Maker) are really great projects I've followed for a few years now, although I really can't say I would ever buy either of them, simply because I don't see them going up in price. Like their development is interesting, or the service they provide is great and I love having them in the ecosystem, but I would never invest in either of them.

Another such example is Augur. Phenomenal platform, after their release they continued developing and are gearing up for an entire V2 that was outside the scope of the original ICO. This project is phenomenal - but again, I would never buy REP. I just don't see the value in it.

Do any of you guys feel this way about some projects?

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