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What's the cleverest scam you've seen in crypto?

What's the cleverest scam you've seen in crypto?

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by COINS NEWS 15 Views

And I'm not talking about "hurr durr, btc/eth/xrp is the cleverest scam in crypto". I'm talking actual flat out scams.

Cleverest I've seen is a guy who "accidentally leaks" his private key to his Ethereum wallet in several chatrooms. There is no ETH in the wallet but a few shitcoin ERC20 tokens. So people will send a small amount of ETH to the address to pay for the gas to get the tokens out. But the scammer has set up a script to withdraw the sent ETH out of the wallet before the person has time to withdraw the tokens.

You can view one of the addresses here: and see there are over 27k transactions and it has been actively going on for over 3 years now. If you read the comments some people have actually written scripts just to see if they can beat the guy in withdrawing the tokens faster than the scammer can steal the ETH. It's completely brilliant and evil.

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