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What's to prevent BCH from becoming the new BTC?

What's to prevent BCH from becoming the new BTC?

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Hi guys.

As a holder of bitcoin (BTC), seeing my transactions being stuck for 36 hours after paying a 4$ network fee infuriates me. Some have told me to use bch, but it's much smaller in volume. Plus, i see that most blocks are empty (100 to 800 kb), explaining cheap tx's.

Won't this efficiency end when blocks are always filled? Also, since BTC's blockchain is already so big for the average guy (320 GB, 1-2 mb per block), how could it be better with full 32 mb blocks?.

I legitimately want to hear your point of view. For the moment, i'm gonna have to transfer my stash to a layer 2 solution (lightning network) to have a chance at getting out. (Basically, store on lightning, use instant exchangers and pay with whatever a site accepts, like cardano, monero, bitcoin cash, litecoin).

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