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When the recruiter calls you...

When the recruiter calls you...

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We like when 60 Minutes or any well known media gives the masses any education/exposure to crypto-currency adoption. Even if most people need to hear about it many times before they decide to try it, we agree it's always good when people are talking and thinking about crypto.

I'm a technologist and in my industry we get cold calls almost every day from headhunters asking us to leave our job for a new one. I've gotten into a habit of giving them all a blanket reply whenever they solicit me.

I'm currently earning bitcoin instead of dollars and I love it. Let me know when you also can accommodate that preference.

This achieves a few things:

  1. It discourages them from repeatedly bothering me if they aren't interested in my terms of compensation. Their stunned reaction is funny to observe.

  2. It gets more people talking/thinking about crypto as a legitimate medium of payment. Oftentimes, after I say this, I see a spike in my LinkedIn profile views. I imagine an office full of people discussing/debating what I just told one of them.

  3. You'll eventually find a new job that will pay you in crypto instead of fiat. I received many no's but eventually someone said okay and I've since left one job for this new one. And this place has my loyalty because everyone else still says no. These last few months of labor have been especially prosperous, seeing a paycheck's value growing faster than me spending it. This is the most assertive way a hodler accumulates crypto.

So, even if you're not interested in making the switch from fiat to crypto yet, consider answering headhunters the same way. Imagine the outcome when corporate recruiters and HR everywhere get the impression that almost nobody wants to sell their labor for fiat anymore.

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