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Which Bitcoin Scalability project deserves 5.75 BTC (~$46k)?

Which Bitcoin Scalability project deserves 5.75 BTC (~$46k)?

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Back in 2012 I managed a bounty wallet dedicated to "Bitcoin Pruning", a scalability side-chain concept. The bounty collected 5.725 BTC and was meant to be donated to that specific project, but it never took off.

I'd like to make good use of these coins, and am looking for a suitable project or charity that deals specifically with improvements to Bitcoin's scalability. I am in touch with Anton from Scaling Bitcoin, and perhaps sponsoring that and giving the decision over to the conference's committee might be a good way to make proper use of the funds.

If you have any thoughts on established Bitcoin scalability projects that deserve & need funding please post them on this thread. Edit - I'm actually leaning towards letting the qualified committee of Scaling Bitcoin decide, instead of evaluating projects myself. Any reason you can think of not to delegate this to SB?

Edit: there has been a typo, the amount of money availble is 5.725 BTC and not 5.75 as the title states.

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