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Why am I stuck?!

Why am I stuck?!


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I can’t trade or withdraw anything from my Binance.US account. I have submitted a ticket to customer support (#598280) and have not received any assistance. I get an error that my purchase has failed, “order failed, trading disabled.”

I have plenty of funds and my initial ticket was related to a chargeback that I did in fact have funds available for. I have since successfully submitted funds to cover the chargeback, however that currency still shows the status as chargeback and I have no credit anywhere for the amount I deposited for the chargeback.

I have also transferred currency from another wallet to Binance.US for trading and now everything is just stuckety stuck. I can’t really figure out how to reach customer support other than the means I’ve used. I dm’ed on Twitter as well. Anyone else go through this and find some resolve? I need to trade or I’m gonna die of boredom!!!

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