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Why can't I see my transactions on Etherscan?

Why can't I see my transactions on Etherscan?

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I tried swapping UNI for Eth, but approval was taking very long, so I decided to check the status on Etherscan. I saw no results. I tried sending to Binance, I still cannot see the transaction on Etherscan. When I go to my profile it only shows transaction from 2 days ago.

Here is an approval: 0x065d2ab7e86ccb1782ca4f32fde33997a9e5e6aadafd5e42091a0f1a4e615428
Transaction ID of me sending UNI to binance: 0x8a9998507b046485cc85b52b713eb0c405bcfc3ace762c6ebdde9cd647428c0a

When I ever I search those up on Etherscan I see nothing. It's been an hour now. Anyone else having this issue?

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