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Why Do US Regulators Hate Leverage This Much

Why Do US Regulators Hate Leverage This Much

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Keeping this to the point, if you want the backdrop see my previous post. But let me make some comparisons

Micro Nasdaq future is 30,000 in value with a margin of 50 to 400 dollars. It is freakishly leveraged

Oanda is 20 to 50x leverage on forex

ETF are 3x leveraged on stocks

You can't daytrade LedgerX Options on btc because the spread is terrible because the regulators made the exchange unpopular and illiquid. Plus the regulations hurt their ability to advertise.

Stock Options are meanwhile, highly liquid, and available for any idiot.

Realize this, They took deribit, bitmex, ftx, and binance, huobi, okex from us customers. They took leverage away on kraken. They will not give crypto any I repeat any leverage. It's a hyper paternalistic middle finger to small traders and middle class people, and an even bigger middle finger to professional traders.

They have made crypto impossible to trade meaningfully as a us citizen. If you trade on coinbase with those fees you are a fool.

I don't know what to suggest other than, a) write a congress person, b) mass complain to the CFTC and mass complain to coinbase and these us exchanges, raise enough of a stink to make it clear that this is highly unreasonable.

If you understand anything about Finance, Real Estate, Business, FIRE, you know capital efficiency is a big deal. I'm not paying US exchange fees and tying up that much capital. It's garbage. I feel like anything less than 3 to 5x leverage is a waste of deployed capital.

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