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Why even use BNB?

Why even use BNB?

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At least in this situation: let's say you have multiple altcoins in Binance US and decide you want to cash out in fiat. Why not just take the.1% fee for one single transaction to usd straight to your bank as opposed to having to do transactions at.075 each? That seems like it'd be more work to spend more money.

Or is this not the preferred method for converting to fiat in 2020? I really can't find any up-to-date discussions on this as everything I've found is old and usd wasn't an option on binance. Their FAQ just shows you how to withdraw usd so I'm assuming today you can deposit and withdraw straight to your bank on Binance US for a similar rate as doing all the conversions and sending btc/eth to coinbase pro. Any guidance would be great and apologies for the ignorance.

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