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Why I'm investing in cryptocurrencies. Not to get rich, not because I think the dollar will die, but because the dollars purchasing power is volitialy decreasing at a dangerous rate.

Why I'm investing in cryptocurrencies. Not to get rich, not because I think the dollar will die, but because the dollars purchasing power is volitialy decreasing at a dangerous rate.

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Yup, the dollar may never die. But it's inflation is permanent, and volatile. You think crypto is volatile? Compare it to the history of the dollar and the loss of its buying power. My grandma used to buy burgers for 10 cents and 25 cents for a full meal, my dad bought them for 25 cent and a dollar for a full meal. Me? Just one generation later I was buying burgers for 1 dollar as a kid and 3 dollars for a meal. Now as an adult I can't find a meal for less than 10 dollars, and on average cant buy a real sized burger like the ones I got as a kid for less than 5 dollars. Imagine what they'll cost in the next 30 years, 30 to 50 dollars for a burger? A 100 dollars a meal? That's why we're buying Cryptocurrencies. Not to make insane amounts of money, but to protect the value of what we have now from the inflationary dollar. Because our measly 10 dollars for a meal doesn't seem like a lot now, but that value, if protected from fiats inflation, will be worth upward of 100 to a thousand dollars by the time we retire with the inflation we're expecting from this massive debt. So no, we're not investing to be rich, we're investing to escape the financial collapse of the dollars value. Yes that doesn't mean the dollar will die, it just means it will keep getting worth less and less over time. And if you look at the pattern that inflation is rising in speed as our debt goes up. The 2008 recession bumped us up to 8% yearly inflation(It's due to college tuitions increasing 8% in price yearly, so since college loans are the largest debt held by the USD. That debt is creating more dollars every year loans are increased to accommodate the growing cost of college tuition, decreasing the value of the rest of the dollars. So as long as 8% more dollars of debt are created every year for these loans, then 8% of value is lost because of this increase in the supply. It's the most basic economic principle, the higher the supply of something gets, the lower it's value gets if the demand stays the same.) from the 2% yearly inflation our grandparents had, and their national debt was only 10% the size of what we have today. Getting rich will just be a side effect of putting the value of what we have today away from the exponential yearly increasing inflation we have on the dollar that's pegging up the world economy today. The bigger we let this debt grow causing us to print more money to keep up; the faster it will accelerate in loss of value.

A better example is our grandparents made 6 grand a year, and their houses cost them 6 to 10 grad. Reasonably affordable. Our parents made about 30 grand a year and they could get a house for 30 grand too. Us tho, we're averaging 50 grand a year(100 if your middle class), and our houses are running on average upwards to 500 grand for a 3 bedroom home to 800k for a 4 bedroom place. Want 5 bedrooms? Better be able to afford a Million/s dollar 30 year mortgage. My grandma still has her 7 bedroom home with 3 acres that she bought for 6 grand that she paid in full without a loan. How do you defend this? Fuck our kids they'll make enough to do a 50 year 10 million dollar mortgage if they want a home?

When they start saying we need to bring back bigger bills like the 1000 dollar, and 10,000 dollar bills, that's when it will get ugly and be too late to save your value significantly. That's what started the value decrease that started the great depression, that's what Madur0 did in Venezuela that caused their insane collapse in value where 1 million dollars in their currency 1 year ago during cryptocurrencies ATH is valued at 3 dollars today. Look it up, they added a 0 to their currency, multiple times, and now they are so worthless they have their currency littered on the street. Also why we got rid of our 1000, and 10,000 dollar Bills. Our economic managers(the fed) saw this historic trend in value loss and tried to fix it by removing those bills from print & circulation. But the guys that saw that historical connection and tried to fix it are now dead, and the chimps they warned about climbing that dangerous latter(printing more money at a faster rate &/or adding a 0/s to our bills) are in charge it now. They are also dying out & failing at spreading this warning to the next generation who will be in charge. Not to mention our orange turd in chief who keeps telling the fed to just print more money. With those dominos lining up, then it's only a matter of time before the 1000, and 10 thousand dollar bills come back along with the inflationary consequences that come with it, hitting the purchasing power of our dollar even more painfully than it already is today.

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