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Why is member not backwards compatbile with memo protocol?

Why is member not backwards compatbile with memo protocol?

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The facts:

  1. When I post something on member which exceeds the length of messages defined by the memo protocol, then I watch it on memo, it gets cut off, even if that is in the middle of a link which is then broken.
  2. I told FreeTrade about that various times, which is publicly manifested on the BCH chain, as I provided feedback to improve member many times, still he hasnt fixed that.
  3. Anyone using member can not use memo anymore, if they want to see the full messages with working links & working hashtags.

Why did FreeTrade chose to build a non backwards compatible protocol to start with?

The biggest issue of memo is the UX/UI everyone knows that, as everyone can see that easily. So it would be logical to improve on that, without changing the protocol first. To avoid a split within the still small memo community.

Then later on, after that is done, FreeTrade could still go for the fork, if he would really evaluate his "improvement" more than keeping the small memo community together.

I find it extremely irresponsible to split the memo community as that could be avoided easily. I have told FreeTrade several times about that issue with the message length being backwards incompatible.

He could at least go to fix the broken links, he could at least put a character count or an option into the menu which would make member backwards compatible with memo on demand. I have proposed these solutions to him already, which is manifested on the BCH chain.

On the other hand, its a viable strategy to lock users into member if all that he cares about is users on member and not having more users on the BCH chain in general.

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