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Why the next bull run will be transformational

Why the next bull run will be transformational

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People tend to adjust their views in a way that benefits them. Currently a non-insignificant portion of the world’s population has a little crypto in their portfolio. Since it’s typically less than 10% they are not interested in the success of crypto if it means it may threaten their 90%. They are cautiously optimistic but not all out vocal supporters of crypto.

Imagine their crypto portfolio goes 10x+. Now, their portfolio consists of more than 50% crypto. Now, they are invested in making crypto succeed both rationally and emotionally. They will seek out arguments in support. They will bury any politician or journalist who speaks against crypto.

Thus, my theory is: public support for crypto is proportional to price. This is why price matters. Technology is the most important, but price is what makes crypto go mainstream.

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