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Why would anyone stake longer than 15 days ?

Why would anyone stake longer than 15 days ?


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Hi all

I'm quite big into staking lately epecially after realizing interest is paid on a daily basis.

I'm a HODLer so I just hold and wait

I don't get why would anyone stake a coin for more than 15 days ? Say the APY is less on a 90 day stake

I'll be taking DOT as an example.

15 days 37.79% APY
30 days 12.79% APY Sold out
60 days 15.79% APY Sold out
90 days 18.47% APY Sold out

Wouldn't the 15 day option be a no brainer option? However the options with the later dates and less APY are sold out ... May I ask why is this so?

Can't I just restake the coin after 15 days ?

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