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[WIP] Trezor / Electron Cash install script for USB bootable Tails OS.

[WIP] Trezor / Electron Cash install script for USB bootable Tails OS.

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Github - Script to update Tails for Trezor and Electrum

I've updated the script to install Electron Cash from AppImage (and check sigs). Should include both Trezor and Ledger udev rules, but I've only tested Trezor. Here's a list of what is verified:

  1. Through Tor Browser in Tails
  2. Electron Cash AppImage v4.0.6 over Tor network
  3. Electron AppImage v3.6.6 over Tor network
  4. trezorctl python utility v0.11.3

I would HIGHLY recommend that you backup your Tails instance before running this script. I've seen some of the portions of the script corrupt the persistent volume if the right thing goes wrong at the right time. Be warned!!!

Here's a rundown of what the script does:

  1. Modifies Tor Browser prefs.js to allow to function.
  2. Installs APT packages to build latest Trezor python libraries.
  3. Installs latest Trezor python libraries (0.11.3) and their dependent PIP libraries.
  4. Installs latest AppImage copy of Electron Cash (4.0.6) with a link in the Applications menu.
  5. Installs latest AppImage copy of Electrum (3.3.6) with a link in the Applications menu.
  6. Installs latest Bridge (2.0.27) software for Trezor.
  7. Adds iptables entry to open for Bridge communication.
  8. Adds Tor proxy to gnome network properties with a localhost exclusion for Bridge communication.
  9. Adds a localhost exclusion to Tor Browser for Bridge communication.
  10. Adds configuration files for chromium, though I opted not to install it.
  11. Commits all the above changes to persistent storage (requires reboot).
  • The script may not be completely restartable. That is next on my list.
  • The APT packages to build the libraries do not need to persist. Only the bridge needs to persist.
  • I've decided later that 90% could run from the AppImage, but it is about one rev back.
  • I committed a cardinal sin by opening a localhost port on Tails.. please forgive me.
  • The bridge communication is only required for the Tor Browser. Chromium could use WebUSB.
  • You should never run a script recommended by some poster on reddit!

The smallest footprint install for Electron Cash would be the following (in first 30 lines of



10_udev 15_bash






45_electron_bch ```

This will skip most of the other stuff and only install the udev rules, shell proxy settings, and electron cash.

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