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Worst customer support among Crypto Exchanges?

Worst customer support among Crypto Exchanges?


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First, every single time I contacted support it took at least a week to get a response. Second, the replies are automated pretty much all the times. Third, the chat function does not work unless you choose one of the available topics (which in my case did not match the question I had), fourth, once you are verified you are stuck with the information you entered. No matter if you move to another place, you are screwed, they won't help change or update some of the information you entered.

I have an account I opened years ago. Since users can have more than one account but only one can be verified, it took 3 weeks until I was able to get the first account switched to unverified. The automated system propmted me to verify the new account with current information (I live in Europe now), I tried to verify the second account and it was rejected, I reapplied and rejected again. Final result? Both accounts I have are not verified, despite the suggestion I got from binance to get the first account switched to unverify to be able to verify the new one. Yet, the best I get from customer support are automated useless replies.

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