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Would you wear this t-shirt?

Would you wear this t-shirt?

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Would you wear this t-shirt?

P.S. This is from the OliCrypto team, happily received by one of the $OLI token holders.

Working on a Bitcoin Cash merch shop, so if you want to get a similar one (but not with this design as that was a limited edition) - check our website from time to time, or join TG.

Our team is also working on a completely new & separate project on SmartBCH. This gonna be one of the few tokens on SmartBCH which is based on the real and transparent operational model & income flows, not just the "meme factor".

There will be no "public/wide airdrop", but we will be having an open pre-sale + airdrop for current $OLI holders.

Stay tuned.

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