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Wow I've been away for a while and Coinbase got super retarded

Wow I've been away for a while and Coinbase got super retarded

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So for a few years I was buying $50/week on recurring payments on Coinbase. I would periodically log on and transfer out all the BTC to my personal wallets. Then in like May last year it just stopped. I didn't change anything it just stopped on it's own but I didn't bother restarting recurring payments and I transferred out the last of it. Then out of the blue I got an email today saying:

We recently discovered a problem with the recurring transaction below. As a result, we’ve canceled the transaction on your behalf.

Canceled: Buy $50.00 USD to My Wallet

There are several reasons why this might have happened — for example, your balance may be too low or your payment method may have become unlinked. To resume this transaction, please create a new recurring transaction.

The Coinbase Team

So just out of curiosity I log in and it turns out I have almost .1 BTC or $1,182.20 in my BTC wallet and $8.57 in my BCH wallet. That might just be BTC I thought I had transferred out... although I was pretty sure I got it all before. I literally haven't done much with BTC for the last year and a half except hodl.

Turns out now I need to verify my account and send them a fucking picture of my drivers license to transfer my bitcoins to my personal wallets? WTF is this noise? Also I saw they have shit for tracking your tax obligations?!?! Who the fuck pays taxes on BTC. Why even get into BTC if you are going to be paying the government? The whole reason I got into it in the first place was because I was tired of govt bailouts with my money. Coinbase has really cucked themselves hard in the last year or so.

TLDR: Coinbase got gay. I am nearing half million dollars worth of BTC and a couple thousand in BCH. Fuck the govt.

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