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Wrapped LTC (WLTC) - Who's gonna do it?

Wrapped LTC (WLTC) - Who's gonna do it?

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If you are a strong Bitcoin believer and think this is the only real thing, but still want to leverage your long-term investment in interesting ways, you can use Wrapped BTC (WBTC) which wraps a Bitcoin as ERC-20 token, backed by a custodian holding actual BTC. Here is how Bitcoin as WBTC looks on Uniswap:

Such wrapping, would of course be the golden addition to the Litecoin ecosystem, since Litecoin is by many believed to be a long-term play, potentially undervalued vs. BTC. Let's call it WLTC. With WLTC, you could earn extra yield on your long-term Litecoin holdings and it would also lock a potentially significant amount of Litecoin.

So, who's going to create WLTC to get the both of quality crypto and DeFi potential?

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