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Yesterday I had my accounts confiscated valued at $5k+ from STEEM

Yesterday I had my accounts confiscated valued at $5k+ from STEEM

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This DPOS chain was something I focused on from the very beginning and attempted to see past the bads remembering how shitty reddit was early on as well. Little did I know it was meant to never succeed in the first place, only to enrich the ninjaminer, cofounder Ned Scott once he sold the stake he had promised the community for years to be used to grow the network to Justin Sun. I'm sure you're all sick of all the news about Steem and the Hive hardfork and move by now, but a quick tl;dr: witnesses/block producers had not had a chance to discuss the sale at all and many investors still held his word that he was not just going to dump the stake in a secret deal. They added a softfork so the Steemit accounts holding over 30% of the supply would not be able to use it for governance voting until we had discussed things with the new buyer since our blockchain was at risk. Instead of talking he goes behind everyone's and the entire cryptosphere's imagination and "tricks" exchanges to stake their liquid Steem so they can use all of those to overrule the governance instead. They overtake it and a war ensues where every normal stakeholder is starting to use their voting rights to vote in normal community elected witnesses instead of these sockpuppets all operating from an alibaba box in China and Justin Sun literally starts buying more Steem and staking it to not be overthrown on the account @dev365, little does he know this was not the war just a decoy battle to make out how much of the coins were his so we could not airdrop him the new Hive hardfork. So eat shit Justin Sun. At this point he stops talking Steem altogether on Twitter where he has his clickfarm followers and witnesses and stakeholders on Steem who tried to play both sides or negotiate with centralization for their own benefit who also end up losing out on the Hive airdrop cause they voted for obvious sham block producers get mad so they start blocking 10 other big accounts from being able to sell their Steem one of them being an instant swap exchange.

Alright I realize I said that was gonna be a tl;dr but it really is impossible to get it shorter. So yesterday they entered a new hardfork that would just literally zero 64+ accounts balances and send them to an account called @community321 and these idiots are so useless that they even manage to get that account get its keys compromised and some white hacker sends the funds to Bittrex instead. Now they did another softfork to block that account from using it's funds until I guess they'll do another hardfork to steal coins from exchanges next? Yep, this is Steem today, how the fuck it's still listed on any exchange is way beyond me.

So after 4 years of volunteering to moderate and grow the subreddit /r/steemit I was wondering if you guys have any good ideas of what to do with it, let me know in here. Cheers.

Best idea gets 1000 moons, if they are transferable yet, if not I can send you 10 Hive.

For users not aware of what happened the past couple days, this post written by a lawyer explains it really well:

I hope the moderators of this subreddit get fucked for what its worth. Eat shit losers and fuck your loser ERC20 token secured by a bunch of cocksuckers that like to powertrip over Reddit functions.

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