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$20k lost due to BSC token hub while using Trust Wallet

$20k lost due to BSC token hub while using Trust Wallet


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Hello guys. I had bought a new token called Solarfare (SLF) on Pancake swap on Monday. They had a DApp where you can stake the coins and earn BNB rewards as per volume of transactions of SLF. I bought 32 BNB worth of coins and staked in their DApp. Yesterday, I decided to unstake those coins and sell it for BNB. So after I unstaked, the coins appeared in my Trust wallet for barely 5 seconds and then suddenly the coins disappeared immediately. I did not approve any of the transactions. But the SLF coins where converted to BNB and 34 BNB left my wallet and sent to a BSC token hub.

I don't think my wallet was compromised as I have all my other coins there. It was just those SLF coins. I am including transaction id and BSC token hub contract address where my BNB went to.

I reached out to Solarfare team but they just banned me saying I was fudding. Funds lost were $20k and I would like to know if anyone else experienced an issue like this before. Any recommendations or who I should reach out to in order to retrieve BNB (I know that it's almost impossible but doesn't hurt to ask). Thanks for any suggestions guys!

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