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A Beginner's Guide to Technical Analysis

Preface Cryptocurrency isn't a get rich quick scheme. Producing a steady income trading takes time, experience, dedication, and a lot of emotional grit. However unlike traditional markets, you can make money much faster trading cryptocurren...

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BCH price analysis by my boy

https://youtu.be/uwT6fEK_LyM Scroll to 35:30 and 51:00 Just lovin’ it, but we all know where this thing is going. Almost twice the transactions of btc , the world is waking up. 6000 next? submitted by /u/LTBby [link] [comments]

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Portfolio of ETH & BTC Analysis

Did some quick analysis and thought I'd share this with the community that if you are holding ETH and BTC it wouldn't hurt to come up with portfolio weighting to reduce volatility. - Found prices and did a monthly return analysis to build a p...