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by COINS NEWS - 2 weeks ago

This is the time to buy altcoins

With the recent news of Tesla investing in Bitcoin and the incredible run of our favorite boomer coin, this is the perfect time to get some of the altcoins you believe in the most. Most of them dipped, as it is usual when Bitcoin's price goes up,...

by COINS NEWS - 3 weeks ago

Beware the Pump & Dump of altcoins. /R/dntcoin is invaded with bots & spammers taking advantage of new crypto users with promises to get rich quick. I've been banned for merely cautioning people on the sub. STOP THIS MADNESS!!

As above. These PnD rackets are (probably) going to hurt crypto. Worse, it takes advantage of desperate people. Please stop FOMOing into green candles & promises of pumps with unlimited gains. Not every coin is going to $1, nor may it even be pos...

by COINS NEWS - 1 month ago

Which altcoins are in your opinion worth to invest in atm (Jan 2021)? Any of them receiving wide adoption? Any game-changing news for any of the coins anytime soon? I quit following Crypto since 2018, last I remember XRB (now NANO) and IOTA, NEO were big

My portfolio consists of 50% NANO, 50% NEO atm and I am looking to diversify. Also if anyone has any updates on the promises of IOTA, NEO, Monero, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me about them. I have kept up to date with NANO, since I used i...