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Bitcoin News / Bitcoin.com - 1 month ago

Old School Altcoins Can’t Stop Popping

Viacoin. Groestlcoin. Steem. Enjin. Civic. Long forgotten altcoins and dormant shitcoins have been having a fun week. Left, right, and center altcoins have been popping off, producing 100%+ gains for those fortunate to have been holding a bag. The qu...

Bitcoin News / Bitcoin.com - 2 months ago

Markets Update: Altcoins Gain on BTC

The recent bounce in the value of many leading cryptocurrencies relative to fiat currency has comprised the first bullish action in several months. Since bottoming out during the third quarter of 2018, many leading altcoins have made significant bull...

by COINS NEWS - 2 months ago

Those who invested in Altcoins, but not BTC - Why?!

I'm curious to hear from people that are invested in Altcoins, but not in Bitcoin. Explain yourselves! I know that some might say that Bitcoin is a Dinosaur - But the technology IS improving....quite rapidly in fact! I don't know if it will h...