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SmartBCH SHA-Gate status?

I've seen a lot of excitement for SmartBCH in this community and I'm actually quite surprised that there is almost 50k (49353 at the time of writing) BCH locked in already:

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BCH Makes Sense compared to Sol

Watching some btc maxis explain why they still like solano after downtime, one of the reason was because its centralised, ok and in the past you mentioned bch isnt secure because its centralised. Basically they like a coin for the same reason they ha...

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Ray Dalio is wrong and here is why

He said apparently that governments could kill bitcoin or ban it if it becomes a thread. He is wrong, because banning bitcoin has many ramifications: 1) you make it non taxable 2) if your currency collapses (and many fiat currencies if not all will...

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Anyone use BTC as their sole “bank account” yet?

Iโ€™ve been thinking about literally just dumping my entire biweekly paycheck into BTC, putting bills on a credit card, and selling enough at the end of the month to pay off the card. Rinse and repeat. Anyone actually use BTC as their bank yet or is it...