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If this crash scared you, let me tell you this

The US public debt is going up 1 trillion every 100 days. They cant pay interest rates on this 35tril debt so they gonna low the rates in short term.. And they gonna do this to boost economy because there are elections coming too. In few days halvin...

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Blockstream Jade hacked software?

I have this hash on my jade: fd4e3fc1 566c9016 f0218ad9 5bca6994 39d0b509 99fd5aa6 ae848a97 699f73c3 Got this, when I have updated to V. 1.0.29 via iOS AppStore -> Green App -> Update via Bluetooth. Where / How can I check, if this is a hacked...

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Is Kraken down?

They say they’re investigating issues and won’t let anyone log in on their mobile app or their website. Is anyone experiencing this issue? submitted by /u/OfficialMilk80 [link] [comments]

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Daily Discussion, April 14, 2024

Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead. Thank yo...

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Bitpanda or bitvavo?

What do you have, what's your experience? Searching best exchange for German beginner Edit: I decided to go with Bison. And Bitvavo is unfortunately not available for (new) German customers anymore submitted by /u/lossantos8 [lin...

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Investing 100% of savings

Hi all, relatively new to the cryptocurrency world and just started reading more about it. I have a hypothetical scenario - let's say you had a steady income and reliable career outlook - no concerns about job stability for at least the next deca...

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Restrictions in China?

I work in the USA but my employer is in China. Can I easily recommend/refer him to Coinbase? Is he able to obtain a Coinbase (or similar exchange) account to pay me in Bitcoin? How (or not?) is he restricted from sending me Bitcoin from China? ...

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seedsigner verifying addresses

how long does it take for seed signer to verify addresses? it’s over 1,500 addresses it has checked for my 2 of 3 multi sig. Does this go on forever. What’s the point of this? submitted by /u/Zealousideal_Hat1609 [link] [...

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Did I buy on STRIKE or not?!

I happened to try to buy on Strike at around $62k The app looked like I bought but i see no bitcoin in my account. I waited about 10 minutes & did same thing to purchase more but see no increase of bitcoin in my Strike. I have used strike before...

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What do you think about Michael Saylor?

Recently I watched the big interview about him talking on btc and found his way of expression quite logical convincing. Has anyone followed his advice ? Is he a gigachad in BTC whom I can trust? What do you think about this submitted by ...

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Bitcoin Forum Bayern 2024

Seit gestern bin ich immer noch im #BitcoinForum 2024 Fieber und kann mich von meinem #Bitcoin Armband nicht trennen :) submitted by /u/hakobert [link] [comments]

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bought the dip with 10x leverage :)

I live in Israel by the way. Won't be sleeping much tonight so might as well make something of this war. ...