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Bitcoin Core/Sparrow Help

Trying to get my full node set up and I’m having trouble connecting Core with Sparrow. I’ll describe my current setup and errors: “Mac #1” - 2012 MacBook, OS Catalina 10.15.7, Bitcoin Core v24.0.1 Fully Synced “Mac #2” - 2021 MacBook, OS Sonoma 14.5...

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Thoughts on ETF's

So there's a few reasons I don't actually own BTC itself, but invest in the ETF which follows it's price. 1) Here in Canada we have a tax free savings account, meaning any profit I make from stock market investments is not taxed. So if I...

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Can we take a moment to celebrate BTC?

We've been through/still dealing with, Covid, the cost of living crisis, the Ukraine war, the Gaza genocide, entire countries have banned it, immigration crisis, ENDLESS amounts of FUD, scams that threaten the good name of BTC, and here it is, ju...

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Serious - If you had 100k right now. Would you buy?

Pretty much the question. I’m sold on bitcoin and its viability. But like an absolute schmuck I have come to this conclusion while we’re quite close to the ATH instead of 9 months ago. I have 100k at my disposal. It’s everything that I ‘can’t afford...

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What Do You Think About the Bitcoin L2 Hype?

I've been hearing a lot about Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions like the Lightning Network lately. Some folks are really excited, saying it’s the key to making Bitcoin work for everyone, while others aren’t so sure. What’s your take on the whole Bitcoin...

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Whats with grayscale ETF?

Guys can anyone tell me why is grayscale GBTC selling almost all the weeks? Is it because they have higher fees than others? Or some other reasons? Thanks :) submitted by /u/Potential_Time5469 [link] [comments]

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Btc vs common stock as inflation hedge

If US inflation kept going crazy, specifically from the US devaluing the dollar by printing money to pay federal debt, which seems to be a big proposed advantage of btc, doesn’t common stock provide the same inflation hedge in this scenario? s...

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My Daily Bitcoin Analysis

Just what I see for bitcoin this coming week! I have been trading for 7 years now and make 60% of my profits from trading Bitcoin thought I would share my analysis with everyone here! I'm bullish on Bitcoin until I see otherwise. Btw if you...