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Cryptocoins Exchanges / Coinbase  - 2 days ago

Production Threshold Signing Service

By Anika Raghuvanshi, Software Engineer on the Crypto Engineering TeamWhen generating keys to secure customer funds, we take many precautions to ensure keys cannot be stolen. Cryptocurrency wallets are associated with two keys: a secret or private ke...

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A guide to listing assets on Coinbase

To create an open financial system, we want to work together with all of the cryptoeconomy’s builders and believers. In January, Coinbase launched Asset Hub to open the door to asset issuers, while streamlining our listing process. Coinbase’s standar...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Coinbase  - 3 days ago

Around the Block #12: NFT mania

Coinbase Around the Block sheds light on key issues in the crypto space. In this edition, Justin Mart and Ryan Yi take a look at the mania around NFTs (non-fungible tokens).At this point, NFTs have taken over public discourse of crypto in a way remin...