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My girlfriend left me because of XRP

So here’s a story for you night owls. My senior year of high school, 2020 I found Bitcoin after doing shrooms and acids and that led me to finding the ISOs and XRP. From then on, I saved and put as much money into XRP as possible. I told every person...

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MINIXRP ????????

The new era of XRP, MXRP, but SEC proof and ready for takeoff. Only smaller in size, not by impact. | ???? | low MC presale on Oct 29th|100% Doxxed dev | BSC Token | ???? 100x potential ???? Presale will be coming on DxSale on October 29th! ???? ???...

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XRP trustlines

I was wondering about xrp trustlines and don't fully understand them, if I want to claim some of these airdrops I have to set a trustline. But if I have multiple wallets do I need to set up multiple trustlines? One for each wallet? So if a wallet...