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Question about uniswap pool

Hi there. Early in my crypto voyage I made the mistake to stake a relatively small amount of weth/wbtc into uniswap's pool. Now that money has grown due to the market changing but the earned fees are almost insignificant. Now the problem is that...

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Uniswap was born on a Reddit thread by u/vbuterin

Uniswap was born out of an idea proposed in 2016 by Vitalik Buterin for a decentralized exchange (DEX) that would employ an on-chain automated market maker with certain unique characteristics. A year later Hayden Adams began working on turning this i...

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Will Uniswap v3 compete with Curve ?

Curve is a dex specialized in stablecoins by using « stableswap » instead of « constant product » pools that enables no slippage and low fees for trades (0.04%) In uniswap v3, LP’s can use higly concentrated liquidity for stablecoin pairs, and introd...