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Need help on Uniswap front run bot

Hi guys, so recently I have come across a video on MEV using bot to front run transactions on Uniswap. The link of the video is: Not sure if any of you have tried it out but I have tested it with 0.27 ETH and when I clic...

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Better UI for uniswap?

I understand that uniswap is a dex I should use but there isn't a good interface where I can easily see price etc. Is there anything that lives on top of uniswap that provides a CEX feel to it, that I can use? submitted by /u/bm1313...

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How to Buy Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is an innovative decentralized exchange protocol built on Ethereum. It aims to solve decentralized exchanges' liquidity problem by allowing the exchange platform to swap tokens without relying on buyers and sellers creating that liquidity. U...