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Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 2 days ago

Job Roles In Ethereum Space

Hello everyone. I just recently graduated university and have been on the job search for about a month now. I have been deeply invested in interest in the cryptocurrency space since middle 2017 and have kept up to date with an abundance of projects d...

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 2 days ago

My Ethereum is gone??

Hey guys, ​ I caught today's news about Binance, and decided to log into my account in which I had a little less than 1 ETH stored away in that I bought 1 1/2 - 2 years ago. This is first time I've logged in in definitely over a year....

Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 2 days ago

We now accept Ethereum!!!

Spreading the update of our company! Our coffee website now accepts cryptocurrency as a source of payment! For those who are coffee lovers, come show your support in the new way of payments. Woo Ethereum! www.3broscoffee.com "Crypto15" for...

Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 3 days ago

Future contract on Ethereum ?

Is anyone aware if someone is working on a decentralized future contract platform ? E.g. : I buy a contract for x Dai that will unlock y Ether at a future date. Meanwhile, I can resell this contract for z Dai. submitted by /u/RemoteRein...

Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 4 days ago

Ethereum Explorer

We at DLT Labs have been developing an Ethereum Explorer https://dlethexplorer.dltlabs.com/ let me know any reviews and comments for this explorer. submitted by /u/ayushyachitransh [link] [comments]