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The Last try. Are here delicious creative heads? I own this domain and want to make a study website for the eth ecosystem. Who want to participate with his knowledge? Searching for writers Code boys And more. Everybody's who want in team gets...

More / Etherum Reddit - 1 day ago

Drained Ethereum

Can it be that a Dapp asks me to sign a transaction into ledger maybe for a deposit of tokens. In the ledger I confirm 0 ETH and the max fees but the transaction behind carries a code that at a specific block all the ethereum can be transferred from...

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Are you more bullish on bitcoin or ethereum?

Ethereum seems like it has the momentum with all the yield farming, but bitcoin's low volatility suggests it might be more undervalued than ethereum. Ethereum might be a bit over heated. Ethereum has a lower marketcap which makes the room for gro...