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by COINS NEWS - 8 hours ago

PSA: Major exchanges (at least Binance and Coinbase) suspended all SOL deposits and withdrawals right as the network restarted, and are still down. Billions of coins are still stuck while price is being desperately manipulated via FTX lev long futures.

I’m sure everyone saw the sudden 16 hour Solana network outage yesterday. During the outage the SOL price strangely tanked and then slowly recovered. That was because volume overall was pretty low since most of the coins are being either staked, stuc...

by COINS NEWS - 21 hours ago

Im sorry but coin prices makes no sense at all.

Solana has one of their huge problems exposed (Being centralized) and have to go down for almost an entire day. Only goes down $40.... okay fine that is just one example. Cardano launches their huge smart contracts implementation! Goes up 20 cents af...

by COINS NEWS - 1 day ago

Is XLM destined for a price surge this year?

We here on r/cryptocurrency love XLM. It’s speed and low fees are fantastic. It’s vision to reach and help the unbanked is beautiful. It’s interest in acquiring Moneygram creates some hopefulness for future gains. But we still haven’t reached its pa...