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Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Magazine - 6 hours ago

What the heck is CatVM?

Taproot Wizards released a cartoon yesterday called CatVM. I will not refer to it as a whitepaper, those are real academic documents for adults. In the cartoon, interspersed amongst the absurd childish narratives, were a few valuable technical insigh...

Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Magazine - 1 day ago

The Weekly Reorg: Bitcoin Fashion Week

In case you missed it, Bitcoin Season 2 released part of its Spring/Summer collection last week. Amongst other things, Mezo, a “Bitcoin economic layer” came out of stealth with a $21 million fundraising round. Alpen Labs announced a $10.6 million ban...

Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Magazine - 4 days ago

How did Satoshi Think of Bitcoin?

The following is an essay originally published on by Dhruv Bansal, CSO and Co-founder of Unchained, the Official US Collaborative Custody Partner of Bitcoin Magazine. For more information on services offered, custody products, and the r...