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Bitcoin Cash vs Gold analogy is muddy

Someone please fill me in how BTC and BCH relate to the qualities of the cash and gold analogies? I can't comprehend why a proponent of BCH would still hold BTC or vice versa (other than portfolio diversification). Like what are the longterm use...

Cryptocoins Exchanges / Binance - 12 hours ago

Bitcoin Diamond 200%?!

Anybody else saw that BCD skyrocket today? Somebody know the reason? I hope it was not a pump and dump. I saw a peak that was nearly 200% submitted by /u/moneymarek [link] [comments]

by COINS NEWS - 12 hours ago

Why BANANO (BAN) will Replace Bitcoin

Potassium Each BANANO contains about 422 mg of potassium in comparison to bitcoin which has 0 mg. Potassium is important for staying healthy and functional. It’s highly unlikely that bitcoin will ever be able to upgrade itself with potassium contents...