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More / Ripple Reddit - 4 hours ago

An exclusive interview with Chris Larsen, the richest man in cryptocurrency, The Co-Founder, former CEO, and current exec chairman of Ripple on how he started his 3 companies, his thoughts on Elon musk and Bitcoin, DogeCoin, why makes XRp better than Bitc

Ps- This is Chris’s first ever podcast. Hi, everyone my name is Logan. I’m 16 years old and just started my third year in high school in the East bay. I started a business podcast a while ago, with the goal of helping educate students about certain...

More / Bitcoin Cash Reddit - 6 hours ago

Hey, I'm new to Bitcoincash

Would love to gain some wisdom and advice from the veterans here haha. What are some of your strategies to generate cash flow? and when's the best time to buy in? how do you determine what a dip is in the cryptocurrency world? submitted by...