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"Connect a wallet" without giving private key?

Hi, Some website does an airdrop and the first step is "Connect a wallet". Pressing that shows a big list of possible wallets like MetaMask and WalletConnect I have a paper wallet and I only want to give my public key to websites / browser...

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Idea's about the next boom, dePin?

I've been diving into DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) projects lately and I'm fascinated by the potential they hold. From enhancing real-world applications to integrating with emerging technologies, DePIN is paving the w...

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Li.Fi drained for 10 million dollars

"The only wallets affected were set to infinite approvals, and represented only a very small number of users" I guess 10 million dollars of losses is small in crypto..

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Explain me Business Model of L2 companies

Hi! Layer 2 solutions are made for scalability purposes. By batching and compressing data, they improve the whole Ethereum ecosystem's scalability. These networks are built by companies (Matter Labs, Offchain Labs, Consensys, OP Labs, etc.) that...

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Meme Coin Creation: What I Learned

A few months ago, I thought about how meme coins make huge gains, with the creators making the most money. So I decided to launch my own meme coin. I chose to create it on the Base network because Solana was having issues at the time. I also co...

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How to market a crypto project

A few weeks ago I was struggling to find a way to promote my project without any help of external marketers. Eventually I caved into the idea of hiring someone else to market for my project. So I went through a bunch of marketers for my project but a...

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Know RUGG PULLs before they happen

Hi everyone , We have launched our new tool to identify the credibility of a token. This tool will give you insights on whether a crypto is honeypot or not and thus contribute to the security of this ecosystem. I would like to know your feedback on o...

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Zero knowledge proof of fund

Is there a way to prove to someone that I own a certain amount of ETH without disclosing any other information? (obviously not the address but also not the real amount of ETH I have) A way this could work: Prove ownership of an address by signing so...

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The State of ZK - Q2 TL;DR

Hey there! What a quarter! Here's a summary of what happened during Q2 in the ZK space (you can read the full report on the link below): ZK Research continued in Q2 with the release of new papers on sum-check protocols, optimizations around sm...

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Staking ETH question

Coinbase is offering 2.56 APY when you Stake your ETH with them. Can anyone tell me how to calculate how much I would gain in 6 months or 12 months? Based on 10 Ethereum. Thank you submitted by /u/Holiday_Middle_787 [link] [com...

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Big tech adoption

I think a 35 to 40% increase in price over a week can take place if one of the world's top 10 tech companies (e.g. Meta, Amazon, Apple, etc) announce that they are going to accept and use crypto as an acceptable payment method. What are your thou...

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When Zircuit Airdrop?

Good morning guys, I wanted to know if there is any news about Zircuit. Currently this is my allocation, but I need liquidity for personal reasons and I am undecided whether to pull out my ETH or not Is there any news on when the airdrop will b...

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Today I sold all my zircuit point

How it started A few month ago, I discover the power of airdrop with ethena, thus I decided to partecipated in ZIRCUIT protocol, beacuse I see a lot of people moving toward this protocol driven by the hype. I staked around 100 ETH for few month...