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Erigon supported Chain

I am trying to run multiple archive chains for a personal project. ​ Where can I find a comprehensive list of chains support by Erigon i.e. argument supplied in --chain submitted by /u/TechnicalPackage [link] [comments]

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What does it mean to trust cryptographically?

When it comes to Trust, is the path consensus? In crypto, trust has been one of the pillars alongside decentralization and immutability. Without trust the two cannot be efficient alone. Trust is essentially the pillar to both decentralization and imm...

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Run a Node without backfilling to genesis?

I just want to run a node that I can use for RPC access to the chain to replace Infura. I have no desire to validate / stake etc. I know that back in the day this was possible but its been a while. I'm trying to get a Mac Mini with a 1TB hard dri...

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DeFi insurance: a temperature check

An interesting article about DeFi insurance was recently published by Decrypt: According to, the current top DeFi insurance providers are only covering around $280 million in a...

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CES and Mobility

Car rides can be quite tedious, especially on long trips to visit parents in the countryside. I, for one, often experience headaches, dizziness, and feelings of nausea during these journeys, even when I take flights. If there could be a liberation fr...

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Insurance against hacks in web3

Hey guys I remember seeing somewhere, I think it was in my Twitter feed, a service being advertised where you could deposit like $100 to insure $100,000 against hacks in several protocols. For example hold your funds on Aave or Compound, you can pay...

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Plasma bridge stucking

Hey, used the plasma bridge to swap wrapped matic from eth chain to matic chain. Now I am waiting almost one hour and the transaction is still in progress. ​ How long does it takes time? submitted by /u/Scheroxx [link] ...