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Base bridge

Hi a friend recomended i bridge my base to regular ETH on this site 10 days ago and I havent received my money back. I didnt sent too much, but enough where i am concerned. Below is the transaction: https://basescan.or...

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How do I use L2's?

I've mostly been using trust wallet to swap erc20 tokens and it has a built in swap system that automatically finds the "cheapest" fees and best route for swapping across a few different DEX's. However these "cheapest fees"...

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Unable to access old ethereum wallet

I have an old ethereum wallet from 2016 that I recall I use to access via this app called "Mist". Recently when I tried to open Mist, I got this error "Couldn't connect to node? See the log for more" Any idea? It seems Mist wa...

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How to stake ETH?

So I did some research and apparently my safest bet to stake while using a non custodial wallet is to use LIDO. However I have no idea how it works and if there are any risks apart from slashing. Can LIDO be hacked and I lose my staked coins? I don&#...

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Need help to understand if my friend got scammed

He found that his PUSH tokens were not visible in his wallet anymore, but other tokens were intact. After looking at the transaction's logs on Ethereum explorer, he found that they are transferred to 2 wallets using a smart contract. I also check...

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EIPs Insight (November 2023)

EIPs Insight (November 2023) Final - 2 Last Call - 5 Review - 9 Draft - 9 Stagnant - 4 Withdrawn - 1 Full Report - submitted by /u/poojaranjan19 [link] [comments]

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fake staking

Has anyone used this staking service? I lost a lot of assets and I use it, did you have such an experience? submitted by /u/KEVlNNN [link] [comments]