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Rinkeby Faucet issues.

I'm trying to mess around with my moons on the xdai chain and honeyswap, and I've gotten my moons to my wallet on the rinkeby testnet. Every time I try and link my tweet, I'm either getting a "no eth address found to fund" or &q...

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Instagram account

Is this Vitalik's account? It does not have a blue tick beside his name.. Also, highly doubting its his account.. submitted by /u/H1ghe3a [link] [comments]

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Lessons on community from Vitalik Buterin

The community on Ethereum needs to be more than a buzzword. Group Actions can be good or bad for a Community, but first, you need to decide: Who is the Community — and what does it care about? submitted by /u/underhuggare [link] ...

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What you should do with 4GB cards in 2020

Everyone who mines Ethereum and Ethereum Classic on 4GB cards is aware that the DAG file is growing, and after three months it won’t be possible to use the existing equipment. What can be done? There are three main options: sell all obsolete equipme...