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Etherscan vs metamask receipts

noob question, but my metamask fees always seem to say they were higher than what etherscan says the fees were. Which is more reliable to look at past receipts submitted by /u/unused12345 [link] [comments]

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Eth is going up

All im doing is HODLing on ETH. Even if i can make a quick buck,i ant taking nothing out! This is a community investment so let see ETH fly so the sellers can be left behind!! Who's with me?!?! ‐---------------------------------------------------...

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EIP 1559 and future liquidity crisis?

A lot of articles are talking about how EIP 1559 will cause ETH to become deflationary. As ETH becomes more widely used over the coming years, could this drive down the supply of ETH to the point where there isn’t enough liquidity in the system to p...

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What do you wish you knew when you started?

I haven't ever invested in anything, I know nothing about stocks, the stock market, investing, or anything of the sorts, let alone how to invest in ethereum. I've watched countless youtube videos, had friends try to explain, read articles, an...

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FORCED KYC for a Crypto Wallet and Account ???

= Electroneum So...Im over in the r/electroneum reddit and i see that people can NOT get access to their ETN in their accounts because they have to do KYC for their, from what I understand, Wallet. Not exchange, but their WALLET. So, I ask, creating...

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Polygon and Polka Dot

I'm struggling to understand Polygon/Matic and how that competes/compares with Polka Dot. Can anyone ELI5? I've read a few things but its over my head. submitted by /u/neocybersonic [link] [comments]

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Quick question about pools and EIP1559

My pool, flexpool, is apparently against it. Without getting into a debate about 1559, I will just say I'm not worried about it, and I want to carry on mining after it happens. Do I have to do anything? My understanding: EIP passes or fails based...