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one question in binance launchpad :

one question in binance launchpad : if my max commitment limit: 10.4300 BNB and my locked committed BNB was less than 10.43 (for example 3.5 BNB), then Binance will give me less token launchpad than state of my locked committed BNB be exactly 10.43 B...

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Dust in margin.

I’m trying to close a short on isolated margin. There’s some dust left borrowed. Is there an easy way to close it? One click liquidation is saying the order is too small. submitted by /u/Razdent [link] [comments]

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the next token boom will be the adult content ones, so I'm getting ahead of the market and buying some $VICE NFTs for my collection. a low marketplace that can easily reach $1dollar. MARKETPLACE: TG: