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by COINS NEWS - 2 hours ago

Fraud alert - "Bank of America" just called

Wow. That was the most convincing scammer I've ever dealt with. I just received a call from Bank of America who wanted me to fill out a form for the cryptocurrency I've been buying on Uphold. The woman claimed I needed to verify on a form wh...

by COINS NEWS - 3 hours ago

New Moons feature - convert to Coins!

​ Since launching Moons on r/CryptoCurrency in May, we’ve been hard at work developing additional features f...

More / Etherum Reddit - 4 hours ago

Rinkeby Faucet issues.

I'm trying to mess around with my moons on the xdai chain and honeyswap, and I've gotten my moons to my wallet on the rinkeby testnet. Every time I try and link my tweet, I'm either getting a "no eth address found to fund" or &q...