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3 years into crypto, what's changed and what's your perspective?

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Just curious about other redditors, what's changed in their opinion, what got better, what got worse, what they think about the future of our beloved tokens and currencies.

I joined this sub two years ago to stay up to date with the late new in crypto world and soon discovered that there's just too much to keep up!

I'm not much of a spender, I'd rather say I'm poor, I'm one hell of a shrimp and in a couple of years managed to buy just fractions of a Bitcoin and a little more than one whole ETH, that was my goal since the beginning, one ETH. Then played around with altcoins but in the end is just a wasting of time imho as the, solid ones are the blue chips of crypto. Tried holding DOT, ADa, Algo, Near (The new Solana...meh.) Solana itself, sold just before the 200$pump, and a bunch od Doge.

All at some point everything got converted in Eth or BTC., since I'm too lazy to trade and hodling fits better my personality! :D

In the meanwhile the space here got really exciting, more news that you can't read, lots of shitposting but still interesting insights almost every day, 6.4 million members when it seems the other day we celebrated reaching 3m. This thing went big quick,now we got banners, for fuck's sake! Advertisers dig this sub!

Moons started to become a thing and didn't realize it until i've seen I got a thousand, just for chatting on a form about my beloved cryptos., I couldn't believe they were worth something.

Some exchanges went down too, condolences to all fellow redditors hurted by that, it sucks, but imho it's a necessary evil to make crypto environment healthier and stronger.

I don't see mainstream adoption anytime soon, I think it will be a slow process, but still inexorable in a matter of five or ten years.

How your last three years went? As your initial enthusiasm diminished or the faith as been reinforced as times goes by?

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