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5 practical reasons I smell that Ergo is about to EXPLODE

5 practical reasons I smell that Ergo is about to EXPLODE

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I'm not going to shill you with Ergo technology. In this highly competitive industry, everybody seems to have the BeSt TeChNoLogy. But you should definitely check Ergo if you believe that DeFi if the future. Because Ergo's tech and community can give a fight to top10 easily.

Here are some practical reasons Ergo is about to explode.

When you see those coins rising 30%-40% in a day and it's the first time you ever heard about it, how it makes you feel?

Well, Ergo is a small cap coin that most people probably never heard about.

Here are the reasons why it's still small-cap:

  1. Ergo had a fair launch just like Bitcoin, it's PoW, so now pre-mined coins, no VC behind it for an artificial pump. 4.4% of coins is going to the foundation, it's all it kept for itself, so the growth is organic and the community is made of people who are willing to take a pro-active role in its development, while the marketing budget is so so and there is still no official foundation. (it's about to change soon- see below)
  2. Ergo has fast emission, all coins were supposed to be mined, and because it's still one of the top coins to mine, it has a strong selling pressure from miners. That's why the price is low. (it's about to change - see below )
  3. Ergo is hard to buy - it's listed on niche CEX like Kucoin and Coinex. Most people find too much effort. (it's about to change soon)
  4. Ergo has low liquidity on exchanges. the volume is just 4m per day (it's about to change soon)

Ok now with all that said ergo is 250M MC with just organic growth with is really nice.

What is about to change and why ergo is going to explode?

  1. Ergo is building an official legal entity Ergo foundation in Singapore, which means that first time it will have formal marketing, biz dev departments to take care of marketing, exchanges, academy, biz development, and partnerships. Dan Fridman from Cardano's IOHK joined the marketing team as a board advisor.
  2. Kushti - Ergo's core developer proposed a new emission plan to slow down Ergo's emission from 6 years to about 30 years. The community is now discussing this proposal and it a good chance it will actually happen. This will reduce the selling pressure on the coin.
  3. Hard to buy - Ergo has successfully launched its first DEX - which currently allows you to swap tokens on ergo blockchain including ergo's very own stable coin and in the next month it will allow swapping Cardano based tokens and will become the first UTXO cross-chain DEX. That will open ERGO for ADA owners. Next year ergo is going to build bridges to Salana, Binance, and other blockchains.
  4. Hard to buy (once again) - Dan Fridman and Ergo Foundation's current focus is to bring Ergo on more exchanges - so Binance and Kraken is just a matter of time.
  5. Liquidity - I have already said that foundation is about to solve many problems - Liquidity is one of them. Ergo has hired AMM Kairon Labs and they are about to start soon. Liquidity is essential for tier 1 exchanges like Binance and Kraken.

So those are my reasons why I think Ergo is the next moonshot.

Not financial advice

Happy Thanksgiving!

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