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99% of this sub needs to stop giving investment advice

99% of this sub needs to stop giving investment advice

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The amount of awful investment advice I see on this sub is making me question how much the community knows about finance, economics and how market works.

No, there isn't just ONE way to profit off a dip. DCA isn't "the only way". Neither is selling now and jumping back in when it drops another 30%. Nor is swing trading while it dips further and further. Or even HODLing.

They all work. If you haven't invested more than you can lose, and you aren't an emotional investor, there are TONS of ways to profit from this dip. There are also tons of ways to hedge against a further dip.

The more you keep telling people "don't do x, do y", the stupider you look. But you keep telling people "HODL" and "DCA" because it's the only things you've heard parroted to you.

Stop giving investment advice and telling people there's only one way to go. Every tactic works if you aren't an idiot. The markets can still dip another 50% overnight. Fuck, crypto might not even exist in 5 years. There is no "right way". There is only one wrong way, and that's selling or holding without a plan.

Also, take the emotion out of your trades. All money in crypto should already be considered gone. If you aren't practising risk management and getting emotional, you've already lost.

Edit: u/Wess-L also brings up a point I missed. Don't buy now just because retards spam "BUY THE DIP". You could wake up tomorrow with an extra 40% dip and you'll just be sick with regret. Wait out for the V shape recovery and don't get greedy.

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