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For thousands of years, the world has run on trust: written contracts and laws which corporate bodies interpret as their lawyers see fit.

Very soon, the world will run on mathematical truth: cryptography, blockchains, decentralised oracle networks and hybrid smart contracts.

We're about to go through a thousand industrial revolutions, all invisible, all executing at the speed of light, reaching anyone with a smart phone.

Companies will be fully audited every second of everyday. Insurers will automatically pay out based on what sensors and test results identify, immediately.

You will be able to buy a share of a Manhattan skyscraper, a share of a Picasso painting, a share of a movie franchise, and sell it after two minutes or after two decades to any person in any country at any time.

Account balances will no longer lose purchasing power with inflation, they will slowly increase in value, rewarding and supporting those saving for a house or an education.

Governments will no longer be able to afford perpetual wars because the supply of money will no longer belong to them.

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