Alt L1s aren’t fighting Ethereum directly anymore. They’re fighting L2s now. This really shows how Ethereum is withstanding the test of time.

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A couple years ago, many L1s started vying for supremacy (or at least tried to) and this was all due to to the fact that Ethereum was very inefficient back then.
Not only that, but L2s were still trying to get the hold of it.

There weren’t as many L2s, there wasn’t as much funding, and there simply wasn’t as much development in tech.
L2s, while more efficient that Ethereum, still needed work.

But a couple years later, this reality changed completely.
Alt L1s started showing their flaws one by one. Some of these L1 networks were breaking down on a weekly basis, others failed miserably at implementing dApps, and other completely failed along with the stablecoin that backed it (I’m pretty sure everyone knows that chains I’m talking about here)

L2s on the other hand we’re slowly and quietly becoming better and better with much more advanced tech

A lot of L2s started delving into the zero-knowledge realm (zkSync, Scroll, Loopring) making validators take way less time and effort
While other L2s like Mantle decided to stick with Optimistic tech but started implementing a modular approach, vastly improving Ethereum’s scalability through dispersing tasks over multiple layers

Regardless, these L2s are starting to show their worth and alt L1s are slowly backing away from fighting Ethereum directly and are now focusing on its L2s

This alone should be more than enough proof that Ethereum has withstood the test of time and will most likely get better and better as L2s develop better and more efficient tech.

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