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[AMA] Dive into Zenland: The Future of Escrow on Blockchain with Founder u/diornov

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[AMA] Dive into Zenland: The Future of Escrow on Blockchain with Founder u/diornov

Hello r/CryptoCurrency community!

I'm u/diornov, the founder of Zenland. We're on a mission to make online transactions safer and more transparent using the power of blockchain and smart contracts. With the rise of online scams, Zenland offers a beacon of hope, ensuring that both parties in a transaction are protected.

About Zenland:

Zenland is an escrow platform that leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent transactions. Whether you're trading digital assets, buying goods, or making any online trade, Zenland ensures that both parties are safeguarded. Our platform uses smart contracts to automate the escrow process, making it efficient and trustless.

Why is this relevant to you?

In the age of increasing online scams, having a reliable escrow service is crucial. Zenland not only offers protection but also simplifies the process, making it accessible even for those new to the crypto world.

Zenland in a Nutshell:

What? A blockchain-based escrow platform.

Why? To protect both parties in online transactions.

How? Using smart contracts to automate and secure the process.

AMA Details:

When? September 23 to 26, starting at 11AM EST/3PM UTC.

Duration? A full 3 days to dive deep into all things Zenland.

Useful Links:

Zenland Website

Zenland App

Zenland Documentation



Real Escrow Contract deployed today (September 22) by me on BSC for 50$:

How the interface of Zenland looks like for this contract:

Link to a Zenland profile on Zenland:

I'm eager to answer any questions you might have about Zenland, our vision, the technology behind it, or anything else you're curious about. Let's dive deep into the world of escrow platforms and explore how Zenland is shaping the future!

Feel free to ask away, and let's have a productive discussion!

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