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Announcing the ChainSafe Gaming SDK: an open-source library allowing gaming developers to bridge your gaming engine to the Web 3.0 ecosystem

Announcing the ChainSafe Gaming SDK: an open-source library allowing gaming developers to bridge your gaming engine to the Web 3.0 ecosystem

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Hi all!

Tim from ChainSafe here :)

We are avid open-source contributors and a blockchain protocol and infrastructure research and development firm working on a variety of ecosystems including Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, Cosmos, Mina, and many more.

We recently announced the release of our open-source ChainSafe Gaming SDK.

???? Announcing ChainSafe Gaming: An SDK to bridge your gaming engines to the Web 3.0 ecosystem ????

What is the ChainSafe Gaming SDK?

We are the first open-source blockchain gaming library of its kind to be multi-token standards (ERC-20, 721, 1155), multi-blockchains (supporting Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, xDai, Moonbeam, and Avalanche), and multi-marketplaces.

Similar to our avoidance of chain-maximalism (we deeply believe in open collaboration), we also designed our SDK to be gaming engine agnostic, with current support for the Unity engine, with Unreal and Godot soon to come.

Installing is as simple as dragging and dropping the SDK file into Unity! By using the ChainSafe Gaming SDK, gaming developers can now bridge their gaming applications into the cryptoeconomics of the Web 3.0 ecosystem (through the use of a simple login interface with Web3 wallets like Metamask, Walletconnect, and more).

So what?

This enables fascinating features like tying in-game micro-transactions like skins or items to NFT's, which can itself be portable over to other games and ecosystems. Or imagine use-cases where you can port over a character or player's progress/stats as an NFT to a different environment. Needless to say, we are extremely excited for the future this will enable for gaming!

What is Web 3.0?

What is Web 3.0? In the Web 2.0 paradigm, we can read, write, and interact with all manners of websites and services on the internet. But trust remains a critically unsolved issue, as all setups requires some degree of centralization or trust. In the Web 3.0 paradigm, you can now read, write, interact, and verify. What does this mean? Since the blockchain itself verifies all state transitions, "transactions" (or messages) that get passed along within the network need not be managed by some centralized entity (like a server). The trust instead falls on an open-sourced protocol. In this sense, value can now be trustlessly transmitted across the internet via the blockchain (see Juan Benet's talk for a much more succinct explanation than mine :P). This is what is creating the massive amounts of hype (whether deserved or undeserved) and value with blockchain "tokens" and "NFTs" you probably hear about all the time...

With the ChainSafe Gaming SDK, we just made it easier for game developers to bridge their games into the Web 3.0 economy.

Call to action

You can read more about the specifics of the announcement in our newest Medium blog post here.

We are calling on game developers to join in the conversation in our Discord by joining the #gaming channel. If you have a fascinating idea you'd like to discuss with our Head of Gaming Leon Do, please don't hesitate to drop-in and say hi! We are looking for committed builders and users of the SDK.

Build with us! Check out the ChainSafe Gaming SDK Github repo here. Documentation can be found here.

Finally, if you'd like some quick YouTube tutorials of how this all works, check out our playlist here.


If you're curious about any of our other work, we would love to hear from the community. If you'd like, drop us a message here on Reddit, or on our Twitter.

With love from the ChainSafe team,


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