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Atomic wallet still has not informed why and how the June hack happened

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I am a past Atomic wallet user, and as one am still subbed to Atomic wallet subreddit. Earlier today someone was asking there why they cannot unstake ATOM, and of course I replied why are they using a known compromised wallet.

We old users used to write about that and ask Atomic support what happened to report and why is there no new information.

Some hours later I am permanently banned from Atomic wallet subreddit and the thread was locked.

As we predicted Atomic is sweeping all of this under the rug.

They refuse to provide the information on means and nature of the hack. People lost their money and Atomic was adamant they did not have access to peoples private keys.

People did not share their keys, I mean you don't amass millions in crypto by sharing your mnemonics.

When trying to warn someone you get banned. Users affected by the hack were blocked on social media by Atomic teams.

To recap, on June 3rd Atomic wallet was hacked. Over the weekend peoples wallets were drained of 100m $.

Atomic team tried to marginalise the hack by saying that less than 1% of users were hacked.

Atomic has yet to conclude their "investigation" on the matter and there is no information.

Keep your crypto safe and avoid Atomic wallet.

If they came out and admitted the mistake, made moves to rectify it, then and only then could they save face. But sadly they did everything a person that is trying to keep secrets is doing.

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