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Avalon Miner warranty story

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My Experience with Canaan and the AvalonMiner 1246

I wanted to share a recent experience I had with Canaan after purchasing their AvalonMiner 1246. A peculiar incident occurred one day when, after turning off the miner, it simply wouldn't power back on. Suspecting an issue due to the toggle switch being pulled out, I examined the power supply for any bad connections.

Realizing the need for professional help, I contacted Canaan. Admittedly, my initial explanations weren’t very clear (or "Pacific"), which led them to ask me to ship the unit to Texas. In a gesture of goodwill, I included a $30 tip between the fans when sending it off.

Upon receiving the miner, Canaan informed me through an email that they couldn’t honor the warranty as I had disassembled the unit without permission. While disappointing, I understand their stance.

The customer service, managed by a representative named Alice, has been reasonable so far. They offered to repair the power supply for $70, a price I found fair, despite the fact that the component likely needs a simple $3 rectifier replacement. However, the repair has been delayed as they are waiting for parts, which has been two weeks and counting.

A significant downside is the silicone sealant covering the circuit board, which complicates any attempts to troubleshoot the power supply independently. This sealant requires a thorough cleaning process to remove, complicating DIY repairs.

As of now, my feelings are mixed. There's been a bit of a language barrier, and the process has been slower than I’d like. Yet, Alice has been helpful, and if she successfully fixes the power supply for the quoted price, my rating might go up to 4.5 stars. But for now, I’m sitting at a solid three out of five stars.

I may post all my communications with Canaan, including those with Alice, to provide a clearer picture of what others might expect if they find themselves in a similar situation.

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