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Avoid bank loans and credit cards to buy crypto.

Avoid bank loans and credit cards to buy crypto.

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Keep seeing this type of advice mentioned around and as tempting as it was I've decided to take heed and avoid the banks.

I took a loan from my good friend "Tony" (Just Tony, dudes so cool he doesn't even have a surname! Kinda like Madonna or Prince), Well I say good friend but I haven't known him that long. Seemed like a nice guy though judging by how many friends he has around him at all times. Didn't even even flinch when I asked him for a cool Million. Said it'd be fine. I asked if he was worried that bitcoin might drop and he just laughed and said he knows he'll get his money back from me and gave me a little wink and a finger gun. I guess he has some insider information on what's happening with bitcoin soon and knows its going to moon!

See you all at the lambo dealership!

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