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Bitboy Crypto is a fraud who just regurgitates information he steals from smaller youtubers

Bitboy Crypto is a fraud who just regurgitates information he steals from smaller youtubers

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When I started learning about Crypto last year he was very helpful and added some enthusiasm and excitement about what where some otherwise confusing and daunting decisions.

After watching him proclaim to be the #1 Ethereum channel over and over again, even though I had been subbed to many other channels which provided far more, far better and regular information on Eth, I began to question his motives. Who was he to make such proclaimations in a sea of other Eth content providers online.

Then when XRP hit the headlines for the SEC case ut was Bull and Lambo who kept me going, they kept me positive and holding throughout. All the while Bitboy was saying XRP was going to zero and it was a joke and anyone holding it was a joke. And now that his "team" has finally got up off their asses and researched XRP and realized its potential regardless of the SEC case, all of a sudden he is the "number 1 XRP channel on youtube".

What I have learned is Bitboy Crypto is a business, not a person. It is a group of maybe 15 or 20 people who watch everybody elses youtube videos and then create their own using other peoples already published information, with Ben as the charismstic presenter. There is nothing bitboy has posted in the last 2 months that I havent heard on smaller youtube channels a week before him.

Bitboy Crypto is probably a good channel to get started and maybe learn bits and pieces about the cryptospace. But there are far better channels out there, Sheldon Evons for instsnce, in my opinion, deserves more subs than Bitboy. Even Stock Moe has been coming up the sidelines with some good stuff recently. BearableBull is great too...Martin Valk has a new channel which is very good... there are just so many small channels out there who do the ground work and research and then Bitboy shows up regurgitating their info, its beginning to annoy me if im honest.....

tldr; Im losing interest in bitboy pretty fast. Hes not original, hes just regurgitating other peoples information.

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