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Bitcoin Developer Luke Dashjr States Inscriptions Are Exploits, Hints at Future Fix

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Bitcoin Developer Luke Dashjr States Inscriptions Are Exploits, Hints at Future Fix

Luke Dashjr, bitcoin developer and Mummolin’s CTO, has reiterated his negative opinion about Ordinal inscriptions, stating these leverage and exploit a vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core full node software implementation. Dashjr also hinted at correcting this “exploit” in an upcoming version of the Bitcoin node software.

Luke Dashjr Divides BTC Community, States Inscriptions Could Be ‘Fixed’

Luke Dashjr, a Bitcoin Core software developer and CTO of Mummolin, the company that operates the Ocean bitcoin mining pool, has criticized Ordinal inscriptions, a series of elements — images and others — that can be directly embedded onto the BTC blockchain.

Dashjr, who has been very vocal about his negative opinion of these inscriptions, referred to them as “spam” and as “exploits,” revealing that he had already fixed this “bug” in Bitcoin Knots, a node software maintained by himself.

Dashjr explained:

This bug was recently fixed in Bitcoin Knots v25.1. It took longer than usual due to my workflow being severely disrupted at the end of last year (v24 was skipped entirely).

Ocean, the recently launched bitcoin mining pool that acknowledged having filtered inscriptions since day one, also implemented this Knots fix, making inscriptions unable to be included in blocks mined by the pool.

Furthermore, Dashjr hinted at the possibility of introducing a similar fix in an upcoming version of Bitcoin Core, the default full-node software of the Bitcoin network. “Bitcoin Core is still vulnerable in the upcoming v26 release. I can only hope it will finally get fixed before v27 next year,” he declared.

Several members of the Bitcoin community rejected this possible change. Jameson Lopp, co-founder and CTO of Casa, stressed that mining had a significant economic element now and that his proposal was unlikely to stand. “Miners are mostly large enterprises now. They have a duty to maximize profit for shareholders. They will mine any valid transaction that pays the highest fee rates,” he concluded.

Udi Wertheimer, a co-founder of Taproot Wizards, one of the largest inscriptions projects, stated that while Dashjr had made “sporadic contributions” to Bitcoin projects, he was not Bitcoin’s owner.

What do you think about Luke Dashjr and his take on inscriptions? Tell us in the comments section below.

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