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Bitcoin has by far been the best-performing asset of the whole decade. Something we can not ignore.

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Bitcoin has by far been the best-performing asset of the whole decade. Something we can not ignore.

While we all may feel a bit down nowadays as Bitcoin and Crypto have just been going sideways for the past days or even down. Right now BTC sits at -20% losses trough the last three months, which clearly show our slow crawl downwards, those are by far the worst and most boring times to be here. But as many wise people have always been saying, during such challenging times we should just “zoom out“.

By doing so you will actually realise the power and what a force Bitcoin has been over the past years, or may I even say the past decade… With Cryptos short history a decade is basically all of it, so looking at the performance in the last decade we are looking at the performance of the first ever decade for Crypto and it has been a force indeed.

All Assets performance from 2011 to 2023, by CharlieBilello

Here we can see an official report of the bets performing assets over the whole last decade, from 2011 to 2023. Firstly we can say that out of the last twelve years BTC has been the best performing asset for 9 years and all of those has been coming consecutively in a three bundle, followed by one bear year. This results in jaw-breaking performance of 8.996.675%, over 8 millions percentage gains, unbelievable. The closest to Crypto comes NASDAQ with a way lower 160% gains over those years.

Now of course many would like to denigrate the force Bitcoin has been over the years, but the stats can not lie. Bitcoin has made Crypto dominate the last decade in the financial sector like probably no other asset did on that magnitude in it‘s early years. Now lets hope BTC just has a a bit of that vim left and the next decade will still be amazing even with lower gains.

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