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Bitcoin is savings, Bitcoin is not an investment

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Bitcoin is hard money, money is not an investment but a saving

You cannot invest in money,money is for saving

Why do you need hard money like Bitcoin for saving?

Central bankers print huge amounts of new money and put it into circulation, and this is the cause of inflation and the devaluation of fiat money.

Because fiat currencies are inflationary, they lose purchasing power day by day

For example, you have 10,000 USD, but that 10,000 USD is worth less and less, that is, you can buy less and less goods and services, even though you always have the same nominal amount of 10,000.

Save money in bitcoin to preserve your purchasing power and economic energy, not to have more inflationary fiat

English is not my first language so maybe it has a different meaning compared to my language, but it seems illogical to invest in money

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