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Bitstamp is holding my 100 k and it doesn't allow me to sell it

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Hi, I'm creating this topic because the bitstamp exchange robbed me of over $100,000 (currently it's 85 due to the drop in value, but still in Poland this amount of money allows me to buy a decent flat). I have been fighting them for over a year to get my funds back, they are currently asking for me to do a wallet signature, where after doing it they suddenly can't open it for unknown reasons, although I did everything right, so I sent them screenshots to confirm. Please bump this post, maybe someone from bitstamp management will notice.

By the way I posted this for a user named u/SlippyJerry since he is desperate and doesn't have enough karma to post.

Here is the link he send me.a pic of his balance.

SlippyJerry is his account can check his recent post comments and you judge is it's real or not.

From u/SlippyJerry:

I’ve transferred my funds in 2021 to this exchange from old cold wallet with LTC that I had.I gave them my personal details, papers, birth certificates, etc.After this they blocked my account and funds withdrawal.So they decided to ask me for wallet signature. I did this and they told me that they can’t read this signature.And want to have screenshoots of how I’m doing it.Since then I don’t have any contact with them.

On a sidenote,it looks like Kraken has taken over this topic ????????.joking.Kudos to Kraken for responding to the people ????????????????


So far user u/SlippyJerry have not replied me (probably asleep or something).But a user called u/Bitstamp-Lucas who is a representative from r/Bitstamp has commented the following:

We might now always be as fast, but we see you ????

Thank you u/Wesley_Binod for posting this, however, we're already in contact with SlippyJerry as they already reached out to us.

To clarify, we are currently reviewing the requested info we received from them yesterday and will resolve this case as soon as possible.

If they have any more questions, they can always message me directly.

Lucas from Bitstamp


u/SlippyJerry has woken up and gave further proof.the following is from him:

So the first picture is invoice from bitcurex before they collapse in 2013 (which is one of most lucky thing to happen that I found it) to prove them my ownership of lite coin I have. And second one is they still asking me to prove them that I own the wallet (which I did but they don’t know how to check it, even if you can check it same way as bitcoin signature using bitcoin/litecoin core.I transfered it from litecoin core wallet.


Also a representative from Bitstamp has already reached out to him and asked u/SlippyJerry to provide proof of his wallet signature in the form of a is the prove that he provided that he has had contact with Bitstamp:


Thanks to all of you who have upvoted and commented,u/SlippyJerry has been allowed access into his account! Although he can't withdraw BTC for some reason,He is allowed to make FIAT is the pic that he has send me:

Here is another one that confirms he can now withdraw,sell,trade etc

Our voices has been heard r/cryptocurrency.u/SlippyJerry has resolved his longstanding issue with Bitstamp and has gotten back control of his funds.Finally,to those that are having similar problems like u/SlippyJerry,do not lose not falter.As long as r/cryptocurrency community continues to work together,we can achieve anything.

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