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Buying Moons on Sushi Swap with Metamask: how to switch your ETH from the Ethereum Main Network to the Arbitrum Nova Network.

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Today I successfully bought my first Moons through Sushi Swap. I wanted to do this for months, but after reading most posts on this subreddit there were some pieces of the puzzle missing. I was hesitant. When people talk about Sushi Swap it's easy to forget that Moons are on the Arbitrum Nova Blockchain, and the ETH you want to spend is living on the ETH Mainnet.

The piece I'm talking about is that only once you connect your wallet (Metamask), you have the option to switch through the available chains in your Metamask wallet. Soon I realized that the ETH showing in the ETH Main Network was 0.00 on the Arbitrum Network. This is where comes into play. Go to the site and, connect your wallet. The UI is super straightforward, select from: Mainnet (Layer1) to: Arbitrum Nova (Layer2). Insert the amount you want to transfer, scroll down and click Move funds to.

You will have to wait about 15 exciting minutes before the transfer succeeds, so grab a drink and a snack in the meantime. On the bridge website it will update itself and whend completed displays "succeeded" on the transaction.

Now all you need to do is go back to Sushi Swap, select the Arbitrum Nova Network again, and Eureka! The default Sushi on the homepage had switched to WBTC, and if you search for MOONS they finally show up in the results. Confirm and exchange your ETH for those divine MOONS.

I'm sure there's more budget friendly options to buy MOONS besides with ETH, but I wanted to try Sushi for a long time. I hope this helps fellow beginners out with what should be a pretty generic operation in the world of crypto.

In terms of fees I payed about about €3.5 in fees on a €50 Moon purchase, which isn't too bank breaking.

Because I'm not used to trading, I started out with transferring €11€ worth of ETH (0.007 at the time of writing) to my Metamask wallet, to make sure it worked. I ended up receiving €3.33 in the correct wallet, making it an expensive test. But at least I was confident in transferring the next higher amount. I made sure to save the address of the transaction to avoid mistakes for further transactions.

For my FOMO Budds: these are expensive times to buy MOONS. In no way I'm advising you to open sushi swap and try it right away. For me €50 Is a significant amount to spend on "lucrative expenses" like Moons, on a monthly perspective. This was personally something I wanted to try for a long time, since the Arbitrum Nova Network. Without and it's user friendly UI, this would have been a less smoother experience.

To end of, Shitposting is still king, and that will be my main income of MOONS.I'm also here for the technology, so being able to do this from my couch was a wholesome experience. It is no very far from other payments systems that we already use. Which makes it even more exciting.

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