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Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Stack Exchange - 7 years ago

Can zero-fee txs get into a block?

Zero-fee transactions are permitted by the protocol rules, but there is no incentive to give away block space without getting paid for it. Generally zero-fee transactions are a thing of the past since the 0.12.0 release disabled coin-age-priority as...

Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Stack Exchange - 8 years ago

What is chainwork?

Pieter's answer is good, the chainwork value is the expected work amount in the chain, expressed as a 32 bytes integer, for the double SHA-256 hashes calculation work. The chainwork is used to identify the correct chain, the biggest chainwork value...

Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Stack Exchange - 8 years ago

ECDSA Signature and the "z" value

note: what Nils Schneider calls 'z', i call 'm'. this gist implements all this: ecdsa signing is done as follows: given a message 'm', a sign-secret 'k', a private key 'x' R = G*k (elliptic cur...